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Tenant – Landlord 2020 New Laws

Assembly Bill 1816  Requires insurers to provide at least a 75-day noticeof a nonrenewal of a homeowner’s policy (currently 45 days). 

Senate Bill 329 Prohibitsrefusal to rent to a tenant based on the tenant’s receipt of federal, state or local housing subsidies including “Section 8 “.


Senate Bill 222  makes it illegal for an owner to refuse to rent or sell a home based on veteran or military status. (Not sure if low down payment VA loans falls into this law.) 


SB 234 requires large family daycare home (up to 14 children) to be treated as a residential use of property for purposes of all local ordinances. Landlords can’t impose additional requirements because of tenant’s intent for a day care center.

Assembly Bill 1399  clarifies the Ellis Act saying owners may not pay prior tenants liquidated damages in lieu of offering them the opportunity to re-rent their former unit.


Assembly Bill 74 provides in the State’s budget $20 million for legal services for renters facing eviction.


AB 1111 requires the notice period for increasing rent above 10% in any 12-month period is 90 days instead of 60. 


AB 1482 Imposes statewide rent caps of 5% plus inflation and just cause eviction requirements on rental properties. Various exemptions apply. For More info Go to my website www.LeeSells.More.com