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What Seniors Should Look For When Buying A Home

An overwhelming majority of America’s seniors want to remain in their homes during their golden years. But aging in place doesn’t have to be in your current home, it can mean relocating to a senior apartment or a retirement community. Whether you move somewhere new or stay put, your home should be senior-friendly.

This checklist covers things to consider when choosing somewhere to age in place.

Accessible Floor Plan

Is at least one entrance to the home free of steps in case you need a wheelchair at some point?

  • Is the interior flooring ADA-compliant, having secured rugs, low-pile carpet, and no uneven transitions?
  • Can you convert a downstairs room to a bedroom if your home isn’t on one level?
  • Can you install a chairlift to navigate the stairs if you can’t convert a downstairs room
  • Is the hallway wide enough (ideally, 36 inches) for assistive devices, such as walkers and wheelchairs?

  • Bathroom
  • Is the toilet at a comfortable height (typically 2 -3 inches above the norm)
  • Is the shower step-free, non-slip and fitted with grab bars?
  • Is there room in the shower to add a seat or bench?
  • If there is a tub, is it a walk-in tub?
  • Is there sufficient space in the bathroom for a wheelchair, walker, or other assistive device?
  • Can you replace a glass-shower surround with a non-shattering material?

  • Kitchen
  • Does the stove have easy-to-operate knobs and an automatic shut-off function?
  • Is there a countertop microwave so you don’t have to reach above your head?
  • Are storage areas easy to reach?
  • Can you add slide-out drawers or trays to cabinets so they’re easier to access?
  • Does the kitchen have a working smoke detector nearby?
  • Is there non-slip flooring near the sink?

    Additional Help For Seniors available at: https://www.caring.com/caregivers/buying-a-home-to-age-in-place/